Wagner's Ring

'Twixt all the gods' and gnomes' and mortals' plans
Just who is in control or fire fuels?
Is law or love or pow'r the force which spans
The universe directing deadly duels?

Moreover 'mongst the genders who's in charge?
'Tween Fricka, Erda, and Brünnhilde, how
Can poor ol' Wotan feign that he looms large?
It's '
Weibes Wonne und Werth' that rules this row.

And e'en male Hag'n with canaried roots
Can't overcome the Walk'rie's mighty will
That to '
das enden' in their fiery suits
Shall all the gods surrender - nay, fulfill.

The Revolution Wagner here doth school:-
Condition'l love prevails - and women rule!

28 March 2005