La Musica d'Autunno

The orchestration of thy colours there
Reverb'rates on my ret'na with such glow
As symphonies Beethoven could not share
Or only dreamed
al capo da fino.

Thy interplay of reds 'mongst yellowed hues
Does counterpoint that Bach can't emulate.
The music of thy orange 'midst green cues
Sweet diss'nance even Richard Strauss might sate.

Deep dying discords as thy woodwinds blow
Of Wagner to remind us cannot fail.
But thy cadenzas surely steal the show
'Fore wintried pianissimoes impale.

We loudly 'plaud thy composition and,
Thy Grand Conductor who this didst command.

Sourland Mountains, Hunterdon County, NJ
07 November 2005